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SkyNet IPVOD/IPTV service which is delivered using IP (Internet Protocol) technology – the same technology used in Internet Services. In this service, the TV channels are encoded in IP format and delivered to TV using Android apps. The IPVOD/IPTV Service also includes Video on Demand Services which is similar to watching Video CD’s / DVD’s using a VCD / DVD player. Movies, Instructional Videos, and other content shall be available to customers in the IPVOD/IPTV Services.

IP Telephony

Best-in-class IP Telephony Solution

SkyNet IP Telephony solution provides a one-stop solution that extends the power of converged networks to reduce costs, redeploy resources, and seamlessly integrate communications and connectivity across your business.

Major Features of IP Telephony Solution

  • Call centre solution
  • IP-PBX solution
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution
  • Outbound voice blast/survey
  • Miscall / Call-back service
  • Call conferencing system
  • Industry-specific application

Benefits of IP Telephony Solution

  • Attractive Minute Rates
  • Every second pulse
  • FREE talk to any IP number
  • No expiry date for the account balance
  • Reliable voice communications.
  • Mobility (moves, adds, changes)
  • Easy administration & monitoring
  • 24/7 Monitoring, Management, and Support
skynet ip telephony
skynet data connection

Data Connectivity

Skynet Broadband Service provides DATA services all over the Sylhet division. For your business expansion, we are ready to provide you with the latest technology to incorporate your branch office with the head office via our technology. It secures your internal data by preventing outer threats and cyber-attacks as it is fully based on a private IP network. You can get a flavor of the same LAN network from your main branch via Data Connectivity. We can proudly provide Data service to our corporate clients.

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