IT Infrastructure

SkyNet IT Infrastructure ensures effective operational efficiencies, reduced operational costs, and a foundation for future growth. Align your IT system with business priorities, all by single source service. IT Infrastructure Management concept has been extended much beyond and before the procurement function and simply means taking responsibilities of the entire IT sector of any company by an expert team specially designed for your everyday need.

SkyNet provides IT Infrastructure Management Service to satisfy your company’s information technology needs. By subscribing to SkyNet solution, you should be able to completely focus on your core business rather than dealing with your IT issues. SkyNet ultimate results in enhancing customer’s overall operational efficiency.

Our Offerings:

  • Problem Management (prioritizing, analyzing and fixing the problem)
  • Firewall Management (control environment, virus, security, connectivity and monitoring of firewall)
  • Local Area Network Management
  • PTP or PTMP Radio Link Management
  • End-to-End IT infrastructure services
  • Server Management
  • Back-Up Management
  • Hosting Services